When I was little, I used to have this window that opened up into our garden. It was just next to end of my bed.
I can mark my life growing up in that house by the size of the wisteria curling around my window.
Like those flowering branches it’s an image that changes and grows over time, and it has been a constant
source of happiness and security in the many years since I left home.

The only thing is...I don't have a photograph of it.

This bothers me deeply. While the smell of the earth and the cooling breeze of the garden
shade can still touch me, they are only memories. I fear for the day they are gone. Because of this, I find my self keeping
time, celebrating the constant flow of moments with my darling husband, our sons, and the amazing people in our lives, 
tucking little scraps into my journal and treasures into my sock drawer, cooking the
meals of the mothers before me—and this...photography.

 Connection and storytelling is my love language. It has been for aslong as I can recall. 

I am a mother, wife, foot-tapping music lover, glass-in-hand cook, back road driving Pacific Northwest small town
 girl. I made my way down the West Coast working with wonderful families as a nanny and teacher, making art for me, until the
one day when all my roads merged into the one that led me to Los Angeles. Since then, I have grown my photography business
along side my family, both of which have kept me constantly inspired and my heart full. 
We tell stories. 
We play. 
We share ourselves in a day's work that has no end.