"In the beginning there my was my mother. A shape. A shape and a force, standing in the light. You could see her energy; it was visible in the air. Against any background, she stood out.

- Marilyn Krysl

Mothers Tribe sessions:  Archiving the role of motherhood through heirloom imagery, to remember always. Over years of shooting, I've felt the need to capture these moments tapping me on the shoulder and whispering in my ear, when moms put down the snacks, the diaper bag, the comb, and stand before me with their children.  I've made a home and a space for this, a space to honor mothers, to take those little people into her lap and to be captured in this fleeting season of change, of fleshy fingers in her hair, and messy kissing on her cheeks, of blissful baby raising.  The Mothers Tribe session is to remember the times of bloom; celebrate them, the work it took to get there, the hands that cared for them and the possibility their beauty brings before they fade away.

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